The foods you eat in your daily diet always have a tremendous influence when it comes to supporting a strong skeletal system.

You would find great difficulty in seeing some solid bone remodelling if you are not getting enough level of calcium and vitamin D.

However, even when your diet is covered, it is essential to realise and understand the importance of an appropriate exercise program that will further boost and improve your overall bone strength and development.

Dieting and exercises go together with pretty much all elements of health, especially building a strong skeletal system and structure which we will talk about. Let’s walk through some of the best exercises to consider performing to help maintain and develop stronger bones.

Lifting Weights
Primarily, you should regularly be participating in weight lifting. Even though bodyweight training is great for building bone strength, nothing beats free weight lifting.

Adding excess weight – in the form of external weights – will work great for building up bone tissue since it will apply overloading force and tension, resulting in your bones repairing and adapting to become stronger.

Just as how your muscles can only develop to a certain point with regular bodyweight training, so does your bones. External weights are best choice for maximum bone strength.

Pilates and Yoga
These are two other forms of exercise to consider when wanting to increase bone strength. You might think these would do much to enhance your bone strength especially since they aren’t overloading in terms of stress applied to the bones, but they work wonders for developing your tendons and ligaments which in turn develop joint and bone strength as well.

Finally, this exercise should be the easiest one. As far as bone building is concerned, nothing is going to beat walking. Whenever you have the chance, go for a walk, it’s a great weight bearing activity that at the same time wont overstress the bones and not placing far too much tension and strain on them, just enough pressure to keep your joints strong and bones solid.

So take a look at your workout program you are currently taking. Are you incorporating the right exercises to build strong bones?

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A lot of studies have been carried out to prove DEVELOPING MUSCLE imposes BURNING FAT.

So we are going to have a look at something that does make you fat… CARDIO.

This is why:

Cardio that is done at a low intensity such as jogging or the cross trainer makes your receptors for muscle building blunt. In the end you will be stopping your body from building muscle.

Not only that, low intensity cardio uses up your muscles to fuel for exercise most of the time. So other than stopping your body from growing and making new muscle, you are actually burning away your current muscle. Think about your arms and your leg muscles decreasing from cardio.

If that doesn’t get to you then here’s another reason:

Your body has an incredible ability to adapt. Cardio can also teach your body to become more inefficient at burning calories. Since your body would have less muscle, your body would adapt by burning less calories, making cardio a lot less affective.

When talking about muscle building, cardio hurts that too.

Cardio actually teaches your body to develop types of muscle fibres that are better at cardio, and that doesn’t grow.


In the end, you are going to decrease your body’s ability to burn fat because you are eating away at your muscles and not rebuilding them after you do and you are going to decrease your metabolism.

If your body has less muscle, that means it has less calories to burn, and if you take in the same amount of calories that you usually do, the rest or it will just be stored as fat.


You want to get rid of that body fat and have a slimmed toned body? LIFT WEIGHTS! Build muscle and watch as your fat melt away, even while you rest.

I am NOT saying don’t do cardio. I am saying weight lifting will help enforce losing weight more efficiently AND develop your muscles.

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The amount of clients and just people I know in general turn around and tell me they are on the new “21 day transformation” or the new “3 week fat burner” they have ripped out from a random lifestyle or fitness magazine or read online.

Let me just make it clear from now… DO NOT USE OTHER DIETS!

Everyone’s diet needs to be personalised to that person. Everyone is unique; you have a different metabolic rate, exercise schedule, lean body mass, physical and lifestyle activity level and so on. When it comes to diets, there is no one size fits all, so why would anyone think another person’s diet would work for them?!

So, as some people find out, what would happen if you were to follow some of these crazy diets (most of the time aimed at females)? Yes, you lose weight.

“But that is my goal, so how is that bad?”

I am going to give you a really good example from one of my clients who actually went through one of these diets. For the clients protection let’s call her “Karen”, she needs to eat 2000 calories every day to maintain her body weight. This means that if she ate that amount every day she would stay at the same weight.

However Karen is not satisfied with her current looks and wants to “tone up”, so she decided to lose some “bodyfat”. Not the right way, but let us see what happened.She found a plan in one of her fitness magazines and put it to use straight away.

The diet plan that she was working on had her eating only 1000 calories per day. This means she is eating 1000 calories LESS than what her body is burning, every day. This is great in theory, but the bodies anatomy is smarter than that… and you should be too.

So Karen ended up losing 5lbs in the first week, 3lbs in the second and 2lbs in the third. So she in 3 weeks lost about 10lbs. Great right? For now.


Let’s take a little closer look at what really happened.

She first lost a significant amount of weight by dropping 1000 calories out of her diet, most of which were carbohydrates. This means her body had to use up a lot of glycogen to keep her blood sugar levels high. Each of those molecules of glycogen is bound to almost 3x as much water by weight.

If you haven’t figured it by now, she pretty much lost a lot of water weight.
Another thing is that, since the human body is so smart, Karen’s body ADAPTED, yes, bodies do that. (Notice how the numbers started to decrease as the weeks went on)

Her body realised that she wasn’t getting enough calories that she usually does, so it cut out some of the tissue which is the most energy costing to maintain… MUSCLES!

This is hitting two birds with one stone by eating away her muscles to keep her burning less calories since she is taking in less. Efficient and effective.

To satisfy the calorie needs and also cutting out its need for calories in the future, the body is able to “eat up” the muscles to get the aminos it needs.

So ultimately Karen probably lost about 5lbs of muscle, 2lbs of fat and 3lbs of water at the end of her 3 weeks.

The WORST part is, since her body is now accustomed and adapted to a 1000 calorie intake and is also burning that much, when she goes back to taking 2000 calories per day again, that will be 1000 calories MORE than what her body needs now, so she will end up with more fat that when she even started the diet AND less muscle mass.


Gradually decrease your calorie intake moderately while increasing your physical activity. ALSO the more physical activity and training you do, the more calories you will need, so actually over time you will need to eat MORE not LESS, and still burn fat!

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You may have been on a fat loss diet in the past or are on one now, and have had a generally good diet, leading to a decent metabolism, with good progress. You may have soon released, as you fade off from your healthy diet, thinking your metabolism can handle it, it is actually running a lot slower than it should be. Consequently you are also not burning as much calories on a daily bases as you should be, leading to progress moving at a slower pace.

For you to really boost up your metabolism and fire it up again, you have to understand what you need to do to correct your slow and sluggish metabolism and how to correct it properly. Here are the steps you should take:

Your Target Calorie Intake

You need to first consider how much your target calorie intake needs to be. What calorie level do you want to reach?

It’s said that for the majority of people doing only a few workouts per week, leading normal lives, your maintenance calorie intake is assumingly around 15 – 16 calories per pound of body weight. For people who are much more sedentary, 14 would be a better number so adjust it accordingly.

Gradually Add Calories

Here you have found out your target calorie intake, what you need to do now is begin to add calories to that number gradually. You shouldn’t add them at the same time or you can risk some excess fat gains because of your slower than normal metabolism.

You should be looking to add about 10 – 15% of your total intake every 2 – 3 days, and keep doing this until you have reached the target calorie level. You should stay at this level for at least a week, two weeks would be better, before you start to go back to dieting.

Get Sufficient Carbs

You have to focus on carbohydrate dense foods when you are trying to make up calories by adding food. Carbohydrates may not have as much calories as fat, but they are broken down a lot easier and are the body’s main source of energy, making dense carbohydrates the ones that have the most significant influence on your metabolic rate, and so it will be what produces your optimal results. You still must be taking in your proteins and fats, but focus on carbs.

There you have it; if you are suffering from a slow and damaged metabolism, try out these steps to boost it up and see faster fat loss.

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At first when starting out as a personal trainer, I believed there were two main components for anyone to achieve their goals, great intense workouts and even greater nutrition plans which is all you need to succeed.

Surprisingly not long later I had released, that’s not the case, and about half of my clients weren’t seeing the results they intended for.

I always thought to myself that they were either missing far too many sessions just coming on and off their training, or they were slacking a lot in their nutrition programs and not following them.

Soon after, what I then came to realise is that the majority of clients are not committed enough. Commitment means staying dedicated in your efforts and make sure you get it done, after you have brought together your main goal. This is a main sign in the Stages of Change.

Even after commitment has been put in place by the client, there was more for me than just planning good nutrition and workout programs for clients. That’s when I said “MOTIVATION IS WHAT THEY NEED!”

And I was dead wrong…

The amount of hard work I put into motivating my clients, from being enthusiastic, friendly and making sure they are on point with teaching points, to giving them daily advice on how to improve on their nutrition and progress in training.

I made it my goal to get in touch with clients on a more personal manor and inspire them not just as a personal trainer, but also as their friend, also to ensure they do a better job in and out of the gym.

This definitely made a significant improvement. Combining motivation to training and nutrition did a lot better than just training and nutrition on its own. However, unfortunately, motivation has a big flaw, it doesn’t last!

Don’t get me mistaken; I still believe motivation is a big factor in anything you do. Everyone has to be pushed, inspired and encouraged. But the truth of it is, when looking for long term permanent results, motivation starts you up and GETS you going, but DISCIPLINE is what’s going to KEEP you going!

In anything you do, especially in regards to fitness consistency is the key. Ask any personal trainer, and they will tell you, the hardest thing about training and fitness is being consistent. After you have mastered that, your nutrition and fitness program will come to you so easy you wouldn’t even have to think about that. It needs to become part of your lifestyle.

That’s why I say to my clients you need to make the time AT LEAST to train 2-3 a week. Just to follow the process.

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Do you have a healthy diet mind set?

Before telling yourself “I need to be healthy, I need to diet”, it’s more important to make sure you get yourself in the right mind set to being. People who don’t start off with the right mind set are sure to drop out and give in to the health wrecking foods, rather than those who are focused on their goals and choose their nutrition based on their lifestyle and regular daily diet.

Three things you need to focus on when thinking about a healthy diet and setting yourself up to a proper mind set:

You’re Willing To Accept Mistakes

You need to understand that no one is “perfect”. Mistakes happen and don’t pretend they don’t. If you are expecting to be 100% perfect as soon as you start, then you’ve set yourself up for problems. It is how you go about with these mistakes that determine the outcome of your success.

You Focus on Effort

The next thing you need to do is to make sure you focus on the effort you are putting in rather than the outcome, having a healthy mind set and a balanced diet should be part of your lifestyle instead of something you need to do to achieve a goal. Losing weight is hardly ever linear, instead, most of the times you will see different periods of weight loss either being faster or slower than usual, don’t let this put you off. Remember, it’s about effort and lifestyle, not outcome.

You won’t progress and achieve any significant results if you are just going to be thrown off by every little barrier that comes your way. Your body adapts to change in different ways which you can’t control and this could end you up feeling powerless, instead give maximum effort into what you can control – work out and eat right.

Be Flexible

It’s important that you are willing to be flexible towards your approach. A lot of things always happen in life, some of which could get in the way of your diet at times, make sure you are flexible in dealing with it.

Not everything works for everyone, you won’t have a perfect daily diet from the first day, you will need to adjust your diet as you go along with what life throws at you. If you try making your diet so fixed that one little change will throw you off, you probably won’t follow that diet for very long.

Think About the Long Term

Make it a long term goal that you will keep being healthy, not something to do from now until you reach your goal. Picture it as something you need to do to go on about your life every day and forward.  If you are thinking to yourself you’re going to be fine after you have reached your goal and drop all the habits you picked up on the way, the odds are you won’t reach your goal in the first place.

So stick with these points and set your mind to a healthy frame, it will make the difference.

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If you continuously attempt to lose weight, it’s expected in most cases that you will probably lose some or, sometimes, A GREAT DEAL of muscle also.

You need to pick up some weight. Some heavy weight. It’s called “resistance” training for a reason – to resist weight. You can swing around your pretty pink dumbbells all you want, but that’s not putting enough resistance on your muscles and you won’t see results.

To achieve a firm toned body and lose fat, first I’m going to drive out some myths about muscle.

-          “I don’t want to get muscly”

The image of female bodybuilders has driven away women from lifting some heavy iron. Lifting weights will make you look good!

Here are 3 reasons why lifting weights WON’T make you bulky like you believe.

1)      Most female bodybuilders are likely to take steroids, you are not (at least I hope so).

2)      Naturally men have up to 8x the testosterone than in women, and how many men STILL struggle to build muscle. So if men are struggling even with this substantial advantage, you can be assured you won’t turn into she-hulk from touching some weight.

3)      The muscle building process is slow and takes time. It takes a lot of years of hard work for a body builder to get to where they are

Here is something else that you should take in – if you don’t lift weight or exercise to keep your muscles active, after you turn 30 your body can lose an average of 1lb per year which also makes you burn fewer calories and in turn makes you gain fat again. This is the main reason gradually gain fat as they’re older.

If that isn’t enough for you how about this – if you don’t lift weight that is challenging, your body will slowly lose bone mass and decrease bone density, this can lead to osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Here are 3 reasons how muscle can help you avoid that and make you lose weight.

1)      When you are resting, muscle can help you burn fat (resting metabolic rate). This means you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight.

2)      Muscles are what shape your body, to look good you need to be muscularly toned and developed. If you try to lose weight by just cardio and no resistance, you will burn into your muscle fibres and you won’t have a great shape. Working your muscles under tension and pressure will force it to burn the fat around.

3)      Lifting weights and being stronger promotes osteoblast, making your bone density higher and stronger.

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“There are a few key things you need to make sure are put in place if you are focused on building lean muscle mass.”

Either yourself, or you know a lot of people, who have time after time again set the goal of building lean muscle mass but always fail, because they are missing probably the most vital basics which hold them back from achieving results. Here are our TOP THREE fundamentals for building muscle:


The number one cause for you not gaining any muscle size that you’re looking for is not eating enough. Ask any fitness professional, they will tell you the first basic of putting on any kind of mass is that energy input needs to be greater than energy output (this is not to say you shouldn’t work as hard as you can in the gym).

You need calories to grow, if not enough are coming in, you won’t grow – it’s that simple. It is recommended to consume 200 – 300 calories over maintenance value to notice any sort of increase in mass.


The second most important reason why you are not building muscle mass (and probably the most important in relevance to any exercise) is that you are not resting enough. Would more regular exercise in the gym guarantee you fast results? – Sort of, but not quite.

When you put your muscles under tension and pressure of exercise, you are tearing and damaging the muscle fibers. When you rest, especially when you sleep, that is when your body repairs these damaged fibers and THAT is when they GROW and DEVELOP. If you are not giving your body enough rest, then your growth and recovery will slow down immensely.



And here is our final basic principle to make sure you get the best out of your workouts. An amazing thing about being human is that we have the capability to adapt to change, physically and psychologically. If you train your body with the same movements and exercises in every workout, your body and your mind will familiarise itself with that routine causing you to stop developing. This is what we call “plateau” which is a word you might hear a lot. In the fitness industry this means “reaching a state of little or no change after a period of activity or progress”.

The best way to avoid a plateau is to always “shock” your body so it never becomes accustomed to your exercise. The way to do this is by changing different variants in your work outs, this includes doing different exercises, changing the weight, sets, reps, rest time, advanced methods (supersets, drop sets, pyramids, circuits, interval cardio) and how many times a week you work out.

Put all these 3 factors into play and watch your body grow before your eyes.

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Choosing between Different St John’s Wood Personal Trainers

There is a good selection of St Johns Wood personal trainers to choose from, each trainer is qualified to a professional level and is trained to be the right personal trainer for you. Not every Fitness Revolution personal trainer is going to be somebody who looks at keeping fit in the same way that you do. All trainers stick to a solid training structure that will ensure vigorous workout for an adequate amount of time.


Fitness Revolution personal trainers are constantly going through assessments and are qualified to know their profession to give people good training advice and come up with good routines .Trainers also keep fit and spend time  in the gym trying to get there body to perfection, setting a good example for clients. Also it’s easier to work with somebody when they happen to have a driving personal interest in the type of fitness that you are pursuing.


For Tough Challenges


St Johns Wood personal trainers enthusiastically embrace the challenge of working with new people who are not physically where they want to be and are determined to work hard for a healthier lifestyle. These personal trainers generally get a buzz out of helping people feel better about themselves.


The Fitness Revolution personal trainers in St John’s Wood take precious time to come up with the right routines and fitness/diet plans that will allow people who are not used to an intense workout schedule to get into an invigorating workout. It is very easy working with people who are already very athletic but the personal trainers over at Fitness Revolution St John’s Wood are looking for a challenge. Anyone who needs a little bit of extra help and who truly need someone with the patience to help them get over their particular challenges then Fitness Revolution St John’s wood has the perfect trainer for you.


Fitness Revolution has the best selection of personal trainers in St John’s Wood area; there is no doubt that there is a trainer and a fitness plan right for you in 2014.

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Achieve Fitness Success with Fitness Revolution St John’s Wood Personal Training

Getting into shape is a promise that many people make themselves, but it is one where too many often fail. In some cases, the routines become boring. Other times, people don’t see the results they want soon enough and they feel the discouragement settle over them. When you don’t approach getting into shape the right way, failure is imminent. You have to go in with a plan and stick to that plan. However, most people don’t know the first thing about coming up with a workable plan to meet their fitness goals. The Fitness Revolution team of highly qualified personal trainers in St Johns Wood  will be able to change that.


The Right Plan


Before you or your trainer is able to implement a plan, you have to know your goals. What do you want to get from the exercise? Are you trying to lose weight or are you trying to add some muscle to your body?  Is it a combination of these things? Once you understand your overall goals, you will find that it is much easier for your trainer to develop a road map that will help you get there.


Your Fitness Revolution personal training specialists will be able to help you find the best exercises and routines to help you meet your goals no matter what that might be. From specialized cardio routines that incorporate calisthenics, boxing, or weights to routines that incorporate outdoor activities, your trainer will be able to find the best solution.


When you are talking with your trainer about your goals, it’s important to be honest about your current level of fitness. Even if you are not overweight, you might not have the energy levels to keep up with some of the routines that he or she might suggest. That’s okay. Just tell your trainer that you want to start out very slowly and work your way up to the more rigorous routines.


You can also ask your trainer for some tips on things that you can do when you aren’t at the gym. Since you will likely only be working out with a trainer a few times a week, you have a number of other days where you could be doing something healthy on your own. The trainer might suggest hiking, swimming in a pool, or playing tennis. The more healthy activities you are able to incorporate into your life the faster you will be able to get into shape.


Reaching Your Goals

One of the best things about choosing to be trained by a Fitness Revolution personal trainer is that you will not only have a new friend but  a companion with you every step of the way as you take your journey to a healthier body and a better life. The trainer will be able to encourage you when you are feeling low and praise you when you start meeting all of your goals. It’s nice to have someone who understands what you are doing as well as the dedication that you are putting into your exercise.

You will also find that you can reach your goals more easily when you have a personal trainer guiding you, and that’s something that everyone wants!


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