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Imran Ilahi

Imran IlahiHi, I am the owner of Fitness Revolution, St. Johns wood. I am a highly qualified and experienced fitness professional with seven years experience in the health and fitness industry and have earned a reputation as one of London’s most respected trainers.

I pride myself on providing outstanding results by focussing on movement and exercise technique which helps improve muscle tone, posture, balance, core strength and produces a more efficient, functional and conditioned body.

I offer a balanced approach to exercise training with detailed, functional training programmes. The programmes are based on the results of a postural and movement based assessment which highlights muscular imbalances present within the body. Once corrected, the client should expect to see a much higher level of results from their training programmes

I have a genuine interest in saving you years of trying fad diets, listening to no good advice and trying to dispel anything you may have heard on radio or seen on T.V

There is a manageable solution that can get your fitness goals, all you need to do is take action and become the envy of everyone else.

Mark Harris

Mark HarrisI believe health and fitness requires commitment and hard work. But it is much more than exercise; nutrition, strong goals, and a positive mindset are all tools that are needed to achieve your particular goals. I will support you through this process to ensure that these goals are indeed achieved.

It was my involvement and interest in health and a love of being active which lead me to a career in the health and fitness industry. It is a passion I would like to pass on to as many people as possible.

I love to challenge myself, whether it is a half marathon or a triathlon or the Jungfrau marathon in Switzerland which I am currently training for. I believe in practicing what I preach. A healthy lifestyle of exercise and good nutrition will help you achieve the results you want.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and I will work with you to ensure you succeed.

Sam Raheel

Sam RaheelI work at the front house of Fitness Revolution, it's my duty to welcome clients and show them what we can offer and how we can offer it to them.

I am also involved in the marketing behind Fitness Revolution.

I enjoy the creative arts from illustration to Graphic/Web Design.

I have a big interest in health and fitness. I enjoy working out and playing football with a passion.

I did a martial art known as Tae Kwon Do from the age of 16 for 4 years. It helped me become focused and discipline in my training and my studies.

Till this day I have used the same disciplines in sports, fitness, work and life.

I believe in giving a service with a smile and making sure Fitness Revolution clients get the best possible service.

Stephanie Vora

Stephanie VoraStephanie is an Advanced Certified Coach and has a passion for working with motivated individuals worldwide who are ready for positive change in their personal and/or professional lives, no matter how big or small. She helps them to set clear attainable goals and to achieve their full potential both personally and professionally by guiding them toward positive change through awareness, action, accountability, and results.

Stephanie began her career at Ernst & Young as a Management Consultant and then spent the following 10 years within the retail ecommerce industry holding such positions as the Director of Online Marketing at Bloomingdale’s and the International Ecommerce Director at Space NK Apothecary.

She received dual academic certifications in Executive and Life Coaching from New York University and am continually training with Results Coaching Systems; a global ICF accredited organization that bases its coaching models on neuroscience. She also plays an active role in the coaching community taking part in mentoring, assessing and training activities. Stephanie, like her clients, has her own personal goals and passions. Outside of coaching, she loves traveling; learning about new cultures, trying new cuisines, and looking forward to new experiences. She previously set a goal to visit 35 countries and proud to say she has accomplished it.

Susanne Carlen

Susanne CarlenSusanne grew up in Sweden and has a passion for sports, she has played football, on a semi - professional level, and floor ball and that is where her passion for fitness started to grow. She has played football for 14 yrs and is still doing so in London for the Swedish Founded KIKK United FC based in Regents Park.

Growing up on the country side with the sea just a minute away, she also has a great passion for the outdoors, and she loves skiing. Susanne believes that exercise should be fun and motivational but it takes hard work and determination to reach your goals. She is here to guide you and make sure you are having fun and most importantly, that you are getting an effective work out.

What ever your goal, weight loss, muscle gain, or simply to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, Susanne will do her absolute best to help you reach your goals.

Rudi Perrin

Rudi PerrinRudi has been involved in sport and fitness from a very early age. He has experience in many sports at county level from the age of 9. This included rugby, football, swimming, cricket, and karate.

His main passion how ever is basketball and has played since he was 15 years old. He has a professional back ground playing this sport. He has also coached basketball to teenagers and children.

By playing at this standard he has experience in explosive training, strength training and plyometrics. The sport has given him focus and discipline he uses within his own life. He has a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the industry and this can be seen in any of his sessions.

Rudi’s background within the industry, sports and exercise has given him the knowledge and experience to coach and instruct people of all abilities.

He believes in hard work but also to incorporate an enjoyable experience for each individual client.

Tom Winterbottom

Tom WinterbottomTom has recently graduated from University in Sports Science and has always been focused on fitness conditioning with sports teams and personal training. He has a deep interest in Nutrition and exercise believing that a healthy body and lifestyle is central to your happiness. He’s always studied the science behind human performance and has put his knowledge into practice.

Tom has extensive experience in fitness conditioning with Rugby teams and rugby players having trained several teams in the National Leagues. His passion for fitness & nutrition has derived from his love for rugby and his drive to be in top physical condition. He has played rugby to high standard having represented the Midlands at Regional level and played 3 years of top flight University Rugby and was awarded player of the year for 2009. His sporting background has also enabled him to coach tennis at Wimbledon and represent his County in Swimming.

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