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Fitness Revolution Entrepreneur of the Year

Imran IlahiFrom: Imran Ilahi
Owner of Fitness Revolution, Personal Training
Serving St Johns Wood and North West London
21:26 PM

Dear Friend,

Hi, I'm Imran Ilahi....a personal trainer and weight loss specialist in St Johns Wood.

Are You SICK And TIRED OF...

  • Being depressed about being overweight?
  • Not fitting into the clothes you bought a few years ago?
  • Starting yet another diet that is destined to fail?
  • Trouble spots just don’t go away?
  • Not having enough energy to keep up with your busy lifestyle?

We guarantee that you will reach your fitness and fat loss goals by training with one of our highly qualified trainers. We want you to succeed as much as you do, so much so that if you do not reach the goals we set for you, we will give you your money back.

Fitness Revolution TeamHow can I make such a bold statement?


I have assembled the best personal trainers in St John’s Wood. We DO NOT use boring fitness routines. We DO NOT just count reps. We DO NOT just make it up as we go along.

We focus on you…

We GET YOU TONED AND INTO SHAPE by using the most up to date workout systems that research has shown to make you get RESULTS FAST!

We create programs that suit you. We know everyone is different. So our fitness and fat loss programs are specific to YOUR GOALS NEEDS AND WANTS.

With Fitness Revolution, You will...

  • Lose fat
  • Tone up
  • Look good
  • Feel great
  • And Much, Much More!

Take charge of your life, there is no time like now!

Hear what our clients have to say!

"I'm back to loving fitness again"

"I was able to reach my weight goals, while maintaining muscle mass and generally feeling healthier and having more energy"

"I felt energised, my muscles were toned and i no longer felt tight in my clothes."

"I am as fit now as when i was 21!"

"I have lost 3 stones"

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"I have lost 20lbs"

"I have lost weight and feeling energised"

"I have a lot more energy"

"My first target was to lose that extra 1/2 stone that I was carrying around, I smashed that goal within the first Month."

Jim Souter"Joining Fitness Revolution in St Johns Wood was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I've never been a big fan of going to gyms but Imran and his team have changed my whole outlook on training and personal fitness. 

The programme they have developed for me suits my requirements exactly. It fits in around my work and travel commitments, sets realistic goals that I can aim for and achieve and has real variety to keep me interested. My first target was to lose that extra 1/2 stone that I was carrying around, I smashed that goal within the first month. 

The real difference though is the personal approach that you get from the team at Fitness Revolution. You are not just a membership number, the interest that the team shows in you as well as the advice and tips on fitness and lifestyle really adds value. It really is a great place to get yourself fit, I actually enjoy going."

Jim Souter
League Managers Association

"I have lost inches around my waist and My face is thinner"

Jennifer Chattington"Four months ago I took a chance and walked into Fitness Revolution. I felt welcomed and energised from the first day I stepped in the door. My training sessions with Imran, Mark and Anne Marie have been absolutely fantastic.  I wanted to be pushed and challenged to my limits and they definitely rose to the occasion! We also have a lot of laughs too.

I have lost inches around my waist and my face is thinner, I have definition in my arms and legs and greater confidence in myself.  In fact, I have just completed a challenging cycle trip from London to Paris and there is no doubt in my mind that my ride was largely successful due to the physical and physchological strength I have gained at Fitness Revolution.  Training there has definitely been a life-changing experience.  I'm back to loving fitness again."

Jennifer Chattington

"In just 2 months of training I shed Over 16 pounds."

Chris Arnold"I joined Fitness Revolution in St John's Wood when I moved back to London after spending three years in New York. The New York lifestyle had taken its toll on my body and I wanted to lose some weight and tone up before my wedding in August. In just 2 months of training with Imran and the rest of the team, I shed over 16 pounds. Through a combination of intense cardio training and strength exercises, I was able to reach my weight goals, while maintaining muscle mass and generally feeling healthier and having more energy. The team keep the work-outs interesting and challenging, which helps keep me motivated to achieve my goals. I think personal fitness is hugely important to leading a healthy, fulfilling life and if you can enjoy yourself while keeping fit, well that's even better."

Chris Arnold

"My muscles were toned and i no longer Felt tight in my clothes"

Cecile Petit"I joined the studio because I wanted to look slimmer and fitter for my daughter's wedding in 3 months. After only a few sessions I could notice positive results. I felt energised, my muscles were toned and I no longer felt tight in my clothes. It was very rewarding and boosted my motivation.

My trainers are very professional, supportive, dedicated and encouraging. They designed a progressive and varied programme for me and were attentive to avoid anything that could be hurtful for the joints.There was also a day to day follow up of my food intake and useful recommendations that enabled me to shed a few pounds in a short time. All in all a very positive, fun and valuable experience."

Cecile Petit

"I've lost 6lbs and 5cm at the waste level. I also feel more energetic and Sharper at work."

George"I'm extremely pleased with my Fitness Revolution program and strongly recommend it. Hence, I've decided to keep on training at Fitness Revolution after my program finished. Go try it and I'm sure it'll be the same for you.

You'll find a very professional and experienced team and most importantly good fun to train with. Thanks to Fitness Revolution, I've lost 6Ibs and 5cm at the waste level. I also feel more energetic and sharper at work."

Investment Banker

"I have not only toned up physically, Losing 14cm of my waist"

Priyanka"Deciding to join Fitness Revolution at the beginning of this year (Jan '09) was probably the best thing I could have done for myself. It was a slow start in the beginning given I had a no prior personal training experience (rather no training experience at all) however the team adapted the training schedules as per my fitness levels. Since joining Fitness Revolution, I have not only toned up physically, losing 14 cm of my waist in the first 6 months) but in general feel a lot better about myself. The team at Fitness Revolution have been absolutely brilliant in motivating and challenging me without excessive restrictions on regular habits."

Priyanka Agarwal
Investment banker

"My energy levels have improved, and I Am feeling much more stronger"

Arvind Jolly"Imran and his team are a very friendly lot of people.  They really make you feel at home. I have now learnt about the importance of balance and core strength.  I have also learnt about the importance of aerobic and resistance exercises with a stretch program. My energy levels have improved, and I am feeling much stronger, and it has improved my golf game as I am able to hit harder."

Arvind Jolly
Jolly Board

"I am delighted with the results"

Diane Blaxland"I found Fitness Revolution when I was looking for a Personal Trainer in St Johns Wood. I am delighted with the results. Imran and his friendly team of trainers pay careful attention to my goals and progress, and are taking me steadily back to fitness after a long period of not training. Every session is different, and every one has been fun. Very glad I found this gym and happy to recommend it."

Diane Blaxland
Managing Director

"He has advised me on my aerobic exercise and diet resulting in steady Weight loss totalling 30 lbs."

Imran has been my personal trainer for two years during which time he has managed to vary the sessions and keep them interesting and challenging.

He has advised me on my aerobic exercise and diet resulting in steady weight loss totalling 30 lbs.

I have no hesitation in recommending Imran to anyone looking for a personal trainer."

Dick Emery CEO

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"I have lost 7cm of my waist"

James Smith"I started training at Fitness Revolution because I wanted to get in shape for my wedding. Not only did the team help me far exceed my goals, they actually made exercise fun. I'd never had a personal trainer before but I will be continuing at Fitness Revolution. Try it, you won't be disappointment with the results."

James Smith

"I enjoyed fairly rapid results"

"I enjoyed fairly rapid results and an increase in fitness beyond anything I had set for myself whilst at the same time keeping it fun, interesting and something to look forward to.

My cardio fitness level is way beyond anything I thought I could have wished for and I have massively increased both all over strength and stamina."

Roi Brooks
Creative Services Director

"More lean muscle, and Improved my Fitness"

Angus"Imran at Fitness Revolution was by far the most welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable so I made an appointment to see him and the rest is history! I have been every week since and Imran has helped me a great deal with a sophisticated, bespoke training programme that is extremely effective, varied, continually reviewed and perhaps most importantly, it's enjoyable too! Imran caters for each individuals specific goals and will tailor a programme to suit you. My personal aim was to gain more lean muscle, further improve my fitness and I also had sport specific aims all of which I have seen massive improvements with. Imran's involvement doesn't stop there, he takes a keen interest in your diet."


"My waistline has been rapidly Trimmed"

"My waistline has been rapidly trimmed by Imran's training methods. If you're after a change to the monotony of weights and cardio routines, a session with Imran might just be the thing for you."

Guiliano Maciocci
UI designer, Mobile innovation

"I begun seeing benefits within the first Month"

Adam Foster"We all know that exercise is good for us, but if your like me then the thought of going to a gym is just "arrrgg". Not anymore; Fitness Revolution St Johns Wood has completely changed my attitude to the gym. The trainers are really knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. Every time I go my program changes and I begun seeing benefits within the first month. I am now confident I can continue to progress and get to the level of fitness I always wanted.‎"

Adam Foster
Investment Banker

"My weight is on a steady downward trend, my upper body strength has increased enormously, and I am much Fitter"

Tony Balazs"I am a 49 year old man with a distinctly on-off history of attending to my health and fitness (mostly off). I have always found it very hard to persevere with a fitness programme, my weight has tended to fluctuate, and until starting at Fitness Revolution St John's Wood, it had actually been increasing for over a year. I have often found exercise a chore, not a pleasure, and my best experiences have been when I have worked with a personal trainer, rather than attending an impersonal gym and being trained by staff who don't really get to know me and my requirements.

So I was very interested to find that Fitness Revolution St John's Wood would be offering highly personalised fitness programmes - having personal trainers working with me in a gym. That has proven to be exactly what is offered by the dedicated, knowledgeable and attentive trainers, led by Imran Ilahi."

Tony Balazs

"I no longer have back pains and I am Significantly fitter"

Toshiya"I was looking for a personal gym trainer because I had a bad back problem and felt that I was becoming out of shape. Before going to Fitness Revolution, I used to exercise in gym for 3-4 hours a week, but failed to get any material results. I consulted Imran and signed up for 3 months program. I am now towards the end of 2nd month and the change is very evident.

I no longer have back pains and I am significantly fitter than when I started. Most importantly my concentration level has increased in work place and I genuinely feel good about myself every morning. The main difference between how Fitness Revolution teach you to exercise and how personal trainers in other gyms teach is that Imran and his team focuses on your productivity rather than a premade program. Fitness Revolution will bespoke your "personal" fitness program that is fun and most importantly executable."


"All my clothes fit again and I feel Much better"

Wendy Webster"At 48, I started noticing that my jeans weren't fitting me anymore and that I wasn't wearing half my wardrobe.  I visited all the gyms within a few miles of where I lived and joined Fitness Revolution with no hesitation.  It appealed to me by far the most.  It's the first time I'd been in a gym for 25 years.   A few months into the experience, I couldn't be more pleased with both the sessions and the results.  All my clothes fit again and I feel much better.  In retrospect, I realise that I was putting various changes down to ageing when in fact the changes had to do with gaining weight.  Most of my sessions have been with Anne-Marie and Mark.  They push me hard but I always enjoy the sessions and feel great as I leave the gym."


"I lost 3 stone, reduced my waist size by 6 inches. The results were spectacular."

Robert"I lost 3 stone, reduced my waist size by 6 inches and changed from sofa sloth to a desert trekker!

This was achieved in just over a year with the help of Imran and his team. A planned combination of diet and regular training helped me a manage a life style change and I am still continuing with the regime.

I met Imran about three years and trained regularly but on and off basis until last October when my son's forthcoming wedding incentivised me to put some real effort in that I had always been advised to do by Imran. The results were spectacular and would not have been achieved without Imran’s support.

From watching TV to trekking across a desert was a major life style change and one that was worth making, there wasn’t that much pain & suffering on the way either."

Recruitment Consultant

"I began a silhouette-changing programme of personal training and diet. I lost 2.5 stone!"

Lanthe"When I had just broken my wrist last September, I saw the '21 days flat belly formula' flyer, and challenged Imran to tailor a programme for me so that I could start even with a plastered arm!   Imran and his team took up the challenge and I began a silhouette-changing programme of personal training and diet which has lost me some 2.5 stone by April, and enabled me to resurrect very desirable clothes I had not worn for over 15 years- including some I wore around my wedding 34 years ago!  I could not have done it without Tev, Tom and Hussein who have kept me working by routines that change every time, encouraging me to greater weights and stretches, and checking on my diet. I have kept on with both diet and training as it seems a pretty good habit to keep!"

Ianthe McWillia

Our Guarantee

What separates us from everyone else

  • One to one personalised training by one of our highly qualified Personal Trainers specialising in fat loss and toning.
  • Functional Training - we strengthen muscles that you use in your daily life.
  • Programs that are specifically designed to your goals and ability.
  • Workouts are pre-planned and structured in order to progress and improve your body.
  • A great space to train in with lots of natural light and no cramped studio facilities fighting for machines.

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Results... You Have Nothing To Lose, Except Some Unwanted Pounds Of Body FAT!

Signed by Imran Ilahi
Imran Ilahi
Owner of Fitness Revolution
St Johns Wood

P.S. - And remember, results are 100% guaranteed... if you don't lose fat, tone up, look good and feel great... we'll give you 100% of your money back no questions, hassles or hard feelings

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* Results are not typical. These results are only typical of our clients who followed the nutritional guidelines of their personal trainer, showed up to their sessions consistently, and worked hard to achieve their fitness goals.

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